REVENGE is sweet when you share your success with others

We believe that REVENGE is all about reputation and without any false modesty on our part, let’s just say we are pretty proud of ours. To fashion retailers in the Western and Eastern Cape, Gauteng, Kwa-Zulu Natal and various other outlying areas our brand is seamlessly associated with quality, value and timeless, trendsetting style.

REVENGE customers are upwardly mobile and dress for success. Each season our range addresses their need for aspirational items along with contemporary garments that deliver feel-good chic from the workplace to glam or casual weekends. Our understanding of our target market ensures that we unfailingly produce the kind of clothing that consistently features on our consumers most-wanted lists. It almost goes without saying that our in-depth understanding of our niche consumer base impacts favourably on the all-important bottom lines of the retailers we supply.

For further details on how you can join our retail partners-in-profit, contact us.